Things I Know To Be True
Written by Andrew Bovell
Director Nigel Vanner

Production Dates 18-28 May 2022 


      The role of Ben is not yet cast - stage age late 20's
Please contact ndvanner@gmail.com if you are interested

PLEASE NOTE: The COVID-19 Protection Framework will be in place when we commence rehearsals in March 2022. Centre Stage Taupo Inc will be requiring vaccination certificates for everyone involved in the production.

The Play 

“Things I Know to be True” is an award winning Australian play set in a working class outer suburb of Adelaide although it could be any suburb of any city in Australia or New Zealand. 

It follows the lives of the Price family over a year, charting their dreams and loves. Over the course of the play each of the four Price children hit a point of emotional rupture with their parents and the direction of everyone’s lives are questioned. Each one comes to find the things they know to be true.


The Characters (with stage age)



Early 60’s, has taken early redundancy from his job in a car assembly plant and is now looking for some meaning to his life.



Late 50’s, a senior nurse, she has been the dominant force in the family and is having trouble coming to terms with the fact that her family is making their own decisions.



Mid 30’s, the eldest child, works for the Education Department, she has a fraught relationship with her mother and is in an unfulfilling marriage.



Early 30’s, an IT specialist, he has made some life changing decisions about his sexuality but is struggling with his parents' reaction.



Late 20’s, works in financial services and wants to move above his working class background, so makes some poor decisions.



19, who doesn’t know who she is or what she wants to be after returning from a disastrous OE experience.

To read the full script contact Nigel Vanner 027 314 2777 or email ndvanner@gmail.com